Company overview

Davos Exchange Company

It is one of the oldest and largest exchange and money transfer companies in the Republic of Yemen, with its headquarters in the capital, Sana’a. The company was established in 2000 based on Yemeni Law No. (20) of 2000 regulating exchange affairs in the Republic of Yemen and its amendments.

The name Davos Exchange is synonymous with trust, integrity and quality, with a history dating back to twenty-five years. We are committed to providing our customers with the best exchange rates with the highest quality of services, and we serve our customers through our network of 5 branches and through 120 service points throughout the Republic.

The company offers an integrated package of financial services that includes buying and selling all currencies, money transfer services, paying salaries to workers and employees, and paying bills.

Davos Company also provides special and distinguished services to companies and commercial institutions in the field of currency exchange at competitive exchange rates and money transfers easily, quickly and safely.

We are committed to providing rewarding services and products with complete passion to our customers with high efficiency and speed, and we are keen to establish policies and procedures within the framework of controls and regulations.

Our goals

The main objectives of Davos Exchange are

• Achieving growth and expansion in the network of branches, services and customers.

• Increasing the company’s market share by enhancing its competitiveness.

• Innovating and developing quality, efficient and effective banking services and products that meet customers’ needs and aspirations.

• Enhancing trust with customers and working to achieve customer satisfaction.

• Improving employee satisfaction and working on training and rehabilitating them and creating job opportunities for the community.

• Investing in modern technological systems that will provide fast and advanced service to customers in accordance with international banking standards and reduce operational risks.

• Effective contribution to the growth of the Yemeni economy.

• Taking social responsibility, alleviating poverty issues, participating in supporting education, health, environment, youth, sports, and sponsoring cultural, social and economic activities.

Davos Exchange Company is one of the oldest companies in the field of currency exchange and money transfer in Yemen. Founded in 2000 and based in Sana’a. It is the agent of the largest money transfer companies in Yemen MoneyGram – Xpress Money – Western Union.

Adnan Abrahem
Sales & Marketing, Adnan Abrahem

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